Jennafer and Brady

Hello, this is Grant, Tamm’s husband and “second shooter” when it comes to weddings.  I don’t normally post in the blog, but thought I would post about a recent wedding we had here in Missouri, close to home.  Let me see if by chance I can set the scene of this wedding, hopefully do it some justice…

I’ll jump to ceremony time.  Imagine if you will, a princess, what little girl doesn’t dream of growing up to be a princess?  (She actually worked at one of the Disney theme parks, so yeah, a princess).  Standing by her side, a rock star, what teenage boy doesn’t dream of being a rock star?  (He has three music CD’s, yes, he’s a recording artist, and a very good one at that). On the stage, side by side, saying their vows with the ceremony being conducted by the groom’s father who is a speaker for motivating and guiding teens.  (This guy could sell ice cubes to the Eskimos!)    The ceremony is great, the bride and groom are really feeling the moment and one of the groom’s songs is performed… (not by him, but someone else) it’s a song about getting married and it’s perfect, unbelievable.
Here they are, Jennafer and Brady – The Princess and The Rock Star.

The beautiful bride

During the ceremony

The after party!

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